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Partner websites
JRRVFJohn Ronald Reuel en version française, a French general Tolkien website by Cédric Fockeu, and our host.
Hiswelókë – le Dragon de Brume – “The Misty Dragon”, Didier Willis’ website, another wing of JRRVF.
Le Dragon de Brume – a French association dedicated to publishing paper articles gathered in the serial Tolkien, le façonnement d’un monde.
Tengwar Info – J. Mach Wust’s website on tengwar modes.
Sindanórië – Roman Rausch’s website with studies, compositions and a personal glossopoeic corner.
Eldamo – An Elvish Lexicon – Paul Strack’s lexicographic website referencing the vocabulary of all of Tolkien’s languages with their meaning and context.

Records and pronunciation of Tolkien’s languages
Elvish Pronunciation Guide – Julian Bradfield’s pronunciation guide for Quenya. Merin essi ar quenteli! - Pronunciation Guides – for Quenya, Sindarin and Adûnaic.
Das Sindarin Lexikon – Aussprache – a Sindarin pronunciation guide for German speakers.
Parma TyelpelassivaThe Book of Silver Leaves, Thorsten Renk’s website about many of Tolkiens languages, with studies, courses and compositions, as well as some spoken or sung records.
Lambe órello óren – a Tolkien website in Croatian by Miroslav Čagalj, with some audio records in Quenya and Sindarin.

Writing systems invented by Tolkien
Amanyë TenceliThe Writing Systems of Aman. A reference on sarati, tengwar and their uses, by Måns Björkman Berg Berg. Hosts the Windows transcriber Tengwar Scribe.
Free Tengwar Font Project – website dedicated to the modernization and adaptation to the Unicode standard of tengwar typefaces, by J. Mach Wust and Johan Winge.
Tengwar und ihre VerwendungTengwar and their use. A good overview in German, by Gernot Katzer. – a German-language website about Germanic and Elvish runes, by Sebastian Kleinen.
Tengwar FëanoraThe Tengwar of Fëanor. A comprehensive account in Polish, by Michał Świątkiewicz.
Quenya Tengwainen – a study in French and a transcriber for writing Quenya, by Jérôme Sainton.
Writing With Elvish Fonts – a tutorial for using tengwar fonts for Windows, by Harri Perälä.

Other notable websites on Tolkien’s languages
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship – with links to the journals Parma Eldalamberon, Vinyar Tengwar, Tengwestië and the mailing list Lambengolmor.
Omentielva – the International Conference on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Invented Languages. Reports of the biennial conferences and access to the proceedings published in the serial Arda Philology.
ArdalambionOf the Languages of Arda. A detailed study of all of Tolkien’s invented languages, by Helge Kåre Fauskanger.
The Sindarin Lexicon Project – Didier Willis’ Sindarin Dictionary on the website Hiswelókë.
Das Sindarin Lexikon – a German-language website on Sindarin, with pronunciation, grammar, lexicon and forum.
Parf EdhellenAn Elvish Book, an aggregator created by Leonard ‘Aldaleon’ Wickmark to search a word in various dictionaries of Tolkien’s languages simultaneously.
Men EldalambínenA Place in Elvish, Petri Tikka’s website with compositions, essays and crosswords in Elvish.
Tolkiendil – Langues – section on the website of Tolkiendil, a French Tolkien society, about invented languages and scripts, with an English corner.
The Noble Tongue – I•Lam Arth – A website founded by Aaron Shaw for the study of Sindarin, now hosted by Tolkiendil.
Otsoandor – Ronald Kyrmse’s website about tengwar and Gondolinic runes, now hosted by Tolkiendil.
Mellonath Daeron – the linguistic guild of the Forodrim, Swedish Tolkien society. Notably includes The Mellonath Daeron Index of Tengwa Specimina, a list of all attested tengwar samples by Tolkien.
Instituto Lingüístico Lambenor – various resources in Spanish.

Audio records in ancient languages
Anglo-Saxon Aloud – the whole Old English poetic corpus recorded by Michael D. C. Drout.
Dr. Pfeffer’s Gotica – readings of Gothic texts, fonts, maps, pictures and many more things.
Old Norse for Beginners – some records both in the reconstructed pronunciation of Old Norse and in Modern Icelandic style.
Old Germanic Sound Gallery & the Languages of the Franks – audio snippets in ancient Germanic languages from the blog The Bitter Scroll.
Alex Z. Foreman’s Patreon – recordings in period pronunciation and literary translations of texts in many historical languages.

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