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September 22nd 2022
Glǽmscribe update dedicated to the English language.

November 22nd 2020
We welcome an external “exotic” contribution by Da Def, from the the Expanse TV series fan community: a tengwa mode for Lang Belta, a conlang devised by Nick Farmer for the TV series.

July 30th 2019
Glǽmscribe update.
New texts.
General fixes.

March 25th 2017
Public release of the German version of the website.

Glǽmscribe update.
New texts.
Transcriptional changes for some texts.

July 30th 2016
Glǽmscribe update.

March 25th 2016
Public release of the Glǽmscribe transcriber.
New languages and new texts.

October 28th 2015
New texts.

May 15th 2015
Creation of the mathom room.
Public release of the second version.

April 12th 2015
Transcription of the texts with invented or historical writing systems.
Double record of Latin texts in the reconstructed classical pronunciation and in the modern church pronunciation.

February 6th 2015
Full content revision.
New texts.

October 14th 2014
Full website revision.

August 9th 2006
First version of the website.

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