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Finnish – Suomi – is an Uralic language, close akin with Estonian, also related to Sami (formerly called Lappish), and distantly related to Hungarian. It is written since the 16th century and is spoken nowadays by around six million people in Finland, Russian Carelia and in a few places of Sweden, Norway and Estonia. Tolkien discovered Finnish in 1911-1912 and it left a profound mark on him, perhaps because of the linguistic change of scenery he found in that language, one of the few in Europe that do not belong to the Indo-European family. Finnish was an important inspiration for the elaboration of Quenya.

The texts have been recorded by Petri Tikka, a native speaker of Finnish and Tolkien language enthusiast. Thank you Petri!

Isä meidän Pater noster.
Terve Maria Ave Maria.
Kunnia Isälle Gloria Patri (beginning).
The death of Kullervo – End of the 36th canto of the Kalevala, by Elias Lönnrot.

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