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Dir avosaith a gwaew hinar
Like a wind, dark through gloomy places
engluid eryd argenaid,
the Stonefaces searched the mountains,
dir Tumledin hin Nebrachar
over Tumledin (the Smooth Valley) from Nebrachar,
Yrch methail maethon magradhaid.
orcs snuffling smelt out footsteps.
Damrod dir hanach dalath benn
Damrod (a hunter) though the vale,
ven Sirion gar meilien,
down mountain slopes, towards (the river) Sirion went laughing.
gail Luithien heb Eglavar
Lúthien he saw, as a star from Elfland shining
dir avosaith han Nebrachar.
over the gloomy places, above Nebrachar.

In 1931, J. R. R. Tolkien made a conference touching about his invention of languages, and claiming that this seemingly curious hobby was a peculiar form of art. The text, a very important one to get what his imaginary languages were to him, was published in the collection The Monsters and the Critics with the title A Secret Vice. Tolkien produced several poems as examples, three in Qenya and one in Noldorin: Nebrachar. We reproduce it here with its author’s own translation.

The text is transcribed in Elvish runes or cirth according to Tolkien’s given valuation in the Angerthas Daeron. We made use of Daniel Steven Smith’s typeface Cirth Erebor.  Open this mode in Glaemscribe

Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel. The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays. Edited by Christopher Tolkien. London: HarperCollins, 2006. 256 p. ISBN 0-261-10263-X.

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